Patrieck Bonnet (Netherlands, 1992)

Photo Piet Gispen

Thanks to the musical surrounding at home he was introduced to a lot of classical and romantic piano music at an early age. Another person who has been of big influence on Patrieck his musicianship was his grandfather Karel van Dijck, who was a clarinettist, composer, arranger & conductor.

His saxophone playing is mainly influenced by the tenor saxophonists Stan Getz, Hank Mobley and Dexter Gordon. Characteristic elements of his playing are his bright, warm tone and melodic approach in improvisations.

Patrieck plays with a wide variety of bands such as the Patrieck Bonnet Quintet, Peter Beets & Henk Meutgeert Jazz Orchestra, Bigband On the Move, Dutch Concert Big Band. Also he has experience playing in classical ensembles as a clarinetist and bassethornist.

Playing with these bands gave him the opportunity to play with soloists such as Ack van Rooyen, Sjoerd Dijkhuizen, Leo Janssen, Ronald Douglas, Nancy Marano, Reinier Baas and Peter Beets

Patrieck played at festivals such as the North Sea Jazz Festival, Jazz in Duketown, Amersfoort Jazz Festival and many more. Patrieck was finalist at the “Conservatory talent award 2017”.

Patrieck’s first Single, Orange Glow is released on july 30th.
Patrieck’s debut album “Homage To One Who Has Flown” away will be released soon!